The Lake Pillsbury Basin community includes about 450 homeowners and ranchers, thousands of campers, local businesses, and sports and wildlife enthusiasts. Many families are multi-generational and have been there for decades.

Visitors from surrounding counties, the Bay Area and beyond come to Lake Pillsbury to enjoy camping, boating and fishing, kayaking and paddle-boarding, and off-water activities such as hiking, mountain biking, OHV trail riding, hang-gliding, etc.

Lake Pillsbury is a place to unplug and enjoy nature and we believe nature is essential to our quality of life. Without Lake Pillsbury, habitats for bald eagles and tule elk and other wildlife species would be destroyed.

Without Lake Pillsbury, local businesses would lose a substantial amount of income and could be forced to close; regional businesses in Mendocino and Lake Counties would lose revenue associated with restaurants, groceries, gas and home improvement purchases; property tax revenues to Lake County would decline. The Forest Service would lose campground fee revenue.

In summer months, there would be no downstream kayaking or canoeing.

Without Lake Pillsbury, in three out of five years Lake Mendocino would not fill, affecting the water supply for approximately 600,000 municipal and agricultural users along the Russian River in Mendocino, Sonoma and North Marin Counties. (UC Davis Study by Sandoval)

Lake Pillsbury water is an invaluable resource for fire suppression, as demonstrated during the recent fires in both Lake and Mendocino Counties.

Lake Pillsbury is a community, not just a destination. Thousands upon thousands of adventurous people have come to this gem of a lake over the past 100 years to enjoy water sports and camping. It would be a tragedy to have some uninformed “tear down the dam” people ruin the lives of so many humans, especially when their expectation of how this would impact the salmon is speculative rather than fact based. Let’s not forget there are countless great things that happen every day above Scott Dam!
— Dave Luhrs, Rice Fork home owner