The value of Lake Pillsbury is in the water for recreation, for dependent downstream beneficiaries, and to support the surrounding ecosystems that formed over the past 100 years since Scott Dam was built.
— Carol Cinquini, Lake Pillsbury Alliance

Our Mission

The Lake Pillsbury Alliance is a non-profit public interest organization promoting conservation values and preservation of Lake Pillsbury for current and future generations.

We are committed to preserving Lake Pillsbury for recreational purposes and protecting the nesting bald eagles, tule elk, migratory waterfowl, and other wildlife habitats within and downstream of the Lake Pillsbury Basin.

We value Lake Pillsbury as the recreational and environmental centerpiece of the Mendocino National Forest; as an economic asset to Lake County; and as an important water resource for over 600,000 downstream municipal and agricultural users in Mendocino and Sonoma Counties. We support protection of endangered species in the Lake Pillsbury Basin and downstream in the Eel and Russian Rivers.

The Lake Pillsbury Alliance advocates for the preservation of Lake Pillsbury in discussions on the future relicensing of the Potter Valley Project and actively seeks opportunities to discuss ways in which people and the natural environment can coexist.

What We've Achieved SO FAR

  • Raised awareness within the community that Lake Pillsbury is in jeopardy.

  • Formalized into a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation to advocate on behalf of our members.

  • Voiced (and continue to voice) our issues and concerns in committee meetings and with representatives and entities in Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma Counties.